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 J.W. Heunis & H.Straeuli

Huge savings are possible in respect of capital gains tax when primary residences are registered in the name of a company, close corporation or trust. Contact us for further enquiries in this regard.

Welcome to Heunis & Straeuli Attorneys

Heunis & Straeuli Attorneys is a legal firm based in Alphen Park, Pretoria, established in 2000 by Johan Heunis and Hans Straeuli. The firm specialises in all forms of property transfer and contractual agreements. The partners are experts in the field of conveyancing and have many years of experience between them. The firm focuses on efficient yet reliable services and prides itself on striving to meet its client's needs both quickly and effectively.

Located near the new Garsfontein offramp to the N1 highway - Heunis & Straeuli Attorneys is a well respected firm in both Pretoria and its surrounds, offering a specialist service in the related legal fields. So why should you choose Heunis & Straeuli Attorneys?

  •     Unparalleled customer service
  •     Years of valuable experience
  •     A highly trained service team
  •     Clients get excellent turnaround times
  •     A contemporary and highly professional environment
  •     We follow the standards and ethics of the Association of Pretoria   Attorneys

At Heunis & Straeuli Attorneys we put our clients first and go the extra mile to meet their requirements. Moreover, we place emphasis on maintaining the highest customer satisfaction by minimising service time and giving feedback throughout the entire process.

If you have any issues relating to contract or wish us to attend to your conveyancing needs, please contact us, and our qualified staff will be glad to assist you.